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We are the Idaho Gems

The Idaho Chapter of Women on Wheels and we are excited to have you join us! Please note DETAILS FOR APRIL 28TH MEETING BELOW!

Our Mission:

To unite all women motorcycle enthusiasts for recreation, education, mutual support, recognition, and to promote a positive image of women motorcyclists.   


We are women motorcyclists with a common bond of the love of the sport and are non-bike specific. Our focus is on safety. Chartered in March 2006, we plan short rides as well as overnighters and participate in area-wide non-profit charity and community events and rallies. We schedule one formal ride each month, generally on weekends. (Monitor this website for changes.)  We love spontaneous, informal weekday rides!   Be sure to get on our email list so you can be notified of an impending putt!

Monthly Meetings

Changes For Monthly Meetings

MEETING APRIL 28TH, 2020 – we will meet at Bear Park in Meridian at 6:30 p.m. Bring a chair and brown bag dinner. Address: 2400 S Stoddard, Meridian ID We WILL BE OBSERVING SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMENTS WHICH ARE STILL IN EFFECT – But – we get to see each other in person! If you have questions, please contact one of the ladies listed below.

We are still trying to locate a new place for our meetings which will provide more privacy and enough room for everyone to attend. We will announce the location as soon as we can.

Any current members of Women On Wheels®, Idaho Gems, or prospective members are encouraged to attend.  No meetings are scheduled for November or December. Ladies interested in learning to ride and preparing for STAR or Learn to Ride classes are also encouraged to attend. We will see you there!  For more information contact one of the ladies listed below:

Chapter Director – Sandra Werner

Co-Chapter Director – Richelle Silagy-White
208 – 861-6921

State Ambassador – Deby Clover

Individual Participation
Once you become a member of Women On Wheels®, you can remain unaffiliated with a chapter and enjoy WOW through the magazine, the Ride-In (annual international rally), and the WOW web sites. Or, you are welcome to participate with as many local chapters as you choose. There are currently more than 75 chapters.

Membership Options

Women On Wheels®

In order to be a member of the Idaho Gems (a State Chapter), you must first become a member of Women On Wheels®. There are currently no fees for Idaho Gems. Below, is the cost breakdown for all types of membership in Women On Wheels®. There is no additional cost for being a member of the Idaho Gems Chapter.

Costs for Women On Wheels® Membership

  • Membership in Women On Wheels® is a great value for only $50 (US) per year. Note: For those outside the US, membership is an additional $5/yr due to higher magazine mailing costs.
  • GEM (Going the Extra Mile) (Not Idaho Gems) Membership is $75. This provides our members the opportunity to provide extra support to WOW and get discounts on WOW merchandise and their Ride-In ™ registration.
  • Support Membership is $25 per year – an excellent choice for your spouse/significant other to participate in WOW events and activities.
  • Child membership is $10 per year for those under sixteen.
  • Magazine Only Subscription  (not entitled to member benefits nor participation)  $25 per year.

You may get an application from any Idaho Gems member, or you can go directly to the national WOW web site and print a copy to mail.

The many benefits to WOW membership include the following:​

  • Membership card
    – Membership pin, patch, and helmet decal
    – Courtesy cards
    – Bumper and windshield stickers
    – Annual member service directory
    – Association discounts offered by some organizations in the motorcycle industry
    – Subscription to the Women On Wheels® bi-monthly magazine
    – Annual mileage contest
    – Individual cumulative mileage award system
    – Recruiter credits

For information about WOW and the Idaho Gems Chapter – go to the About WOW Page

February 1, 2020 Impromptu Ride!!!